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Our latest label design is about to hit the shelves—any day now you’ll be able to get “Poop Deck Pale Ale” at a store near you!

poop-deck-pale-ale-300x247Diamond Knot Craft Brewing To Release Poop Deck Pale Ale on Company’s 19th Anniversary

MUKILTEO, WA – We know what you’re thinking. Go ahead and make all the punny jokes you want. We have. Of course that was after everyone was informed that the Poop Deck is simply a deck above the Captain’s Quarters in the aft of a ship.

Don’t judge this beer by its name. It’s our brand-new Pale Ale release, a first from Diamond Knot!  Your basic Pale recipe consisting of 2-row pale malt, Cara-pils® Malt, Crystal malt and just a touch of flaked barley for some body.  Galena hops provide the body of the bitterness and super-alpha Apollo hops in the finish and dry-hop add a bright, citrusy hop flavor and aroma that’ll keep you coming back for more.  O.G. 12° Plato; 23 IBUs; 5.3% ABV.

The first pints of Poop Deck Pale Ale will flow at the Brewery & Alehouse, Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 6:30 p.m., just before glasses are raised in celebration of Diamond Knot’s 19th anniversary. Everyone is invited.

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We got a nice little mention in this article about the Washington Beer Commission:



Washington’s beer industry is uniting to remind you of the state’s brewing prowess


crown-capWhen volunteers gathered at Paradise Creek Brewery in Pullman last December to help put the growing brewery’s beer into bottles, the caps pressed onto each container were intended to do more than just keep the brew inside fresh. While most larger breweries use specialized caps marked with their logo, and some smaller breweries opt for a generic black or gold crown, these caps sealing Paradise Creek’s latest brews are something new — a golden “W” in a pint glass with the the words “Washington Beer.”

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